A detailed planning process is one of the best ways to help establish financial security. Once I get to know what you have and what you want to accomplish, I can begin to develop a dynamic plan that will help meet your immediate needs and goals while adjusting for changes in your professional and social life down the road. 

So what are the steps?

1) Introductory Meeting

Let's get to know each other. W both need to see if we fit to be able to make the correct financial decisions. I have created a questionnaire where the answers will help me identify your goals, priorities, preferences, as well as potential obstacles. There is no cost for this first meeting and I don't have a time frame. We will take as long as needed.

2) Second meeting

Based on your answers to my questionnaire, I will create a written recommendation report with GENERAL concepts and strategies. 

These recommendations may include legal items, form changes, beneficiary changes, general investments, general insruance ideas and much more. I will ahve these numbered so you can decide which ones you want to use and which ones you don't. 

3) Detailed Strategies and Products

If you have chosen to use some of my general recommendations, we now start the process of selecting specific products and strategies. Each of these items will be fully explained and you will know the fees and charges before you sign any forms.

I will explain how each of these specific items will help you meet or exceed your goals and needs.

4) Ongoing Monitoring and Advice

This step is sometimes the most important. As you know, our economic and political world changes all the time. That means sometimes we need to make changes or adjustments to your strategies and/or products. Some of my clients have been with me for over 25 years and we have made several changes and adjustments over the years - especially in 2008.

Also, your priorities and goals will may shift and that may mean we will need to make adjustments.

Over the past 10 years I have seen numerous new investments and insurance products created and updated. Who knows what may be available a few years down the road. Because of this, we need to be flexible to make these adjustments.